Saturday, January 9, 2010

Those Missed Shots

It's one thing to miss a great shot because you forgot your camera or because you looked away at the wrong time. It's quite another to miss a shot because you couldn't find a safe place to park. When my husband is able to drive me around looking for pictures, I can just quickly jump out of the car with my camera around my neck and he can drive on, thereby avoiding traffic jams or near crashes.

Today, coming back from the library, I spied a hot air balloon in the sky above our neighborhood. There were several gorgeous shots from my car - if I could have stopped in the middle of traffic. I actually drove around my neighborhood and into the next one trying to find just the right view that coincided with a parking space. However just as I found that spot, the balloon landed and by the time I was out of my car, it was already deflating. So, I ended up with another picture of The Peak. Sometimes, though the Photography Muse may be with you, she gets knocked down by Murphy.

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