Monday, January 4, 2010

Let's Picknik

In case I have not already mentioned it, I am not by any means a professional photographer. I just wanted to clarify that in case a professional stumbled across my blog and started laughing so hard he or she might be in danger of dropping their camera.

My other passion is books. I do happen to be a professional book geek (elementary librarian). This blog is just something I challenged myself to do in order to improve both my writing and my photography skills.

Disclaimer covered, let’s Picknik. No, I don’t mean get the checked tablecloth and the fried chicken and iced tea. It’s too cold her in Colorado for such things. Picknik is a web-based photo editing software than can allow you to have some fun with your photos. You can do some photo editing for free and for a subscription you can do even more. Check them out at (I’m not getting an advertising fee – a friend shared their site with me. Now I’m sharing with you.)

Today I’ve uploaded four versions of the same photo that I edited using Picknik. The processes used in the order they appear are: Invert, Heat Map, Orton-ish and Holga-ish. These are just a few of the effects offered by Picknik. See how just a little playing around can totally change a photo?

Now, my challenge for you today – what’s the object in the pictures?

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