Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Portrait of a Young Man (Sorry Mr. Joyce)

Today’s photo is of my oldest son. Unlike when he was a toddler, these days Ryan does not like to have his picture taken. I try to honor his wishes and only take his picture with his permission. Today, I convinced him to let me take a picture of his new haircut. He was not sure he liked the pictures. I thought I would see if he would like them any better after I tweaked them with iPhoto. (Until Adobe Photoshop is in my budget, iPhoto, Pixelmator and Picnik are the only tools I have available.) I simply used the enhance photo button, cropped the picture so you only see part of the chessboard, then clicked on boost color, b & w and blurred edges to 5, ending with a #1 vignette. All of this turned an ordinary snapshot into a portrait of a young man deep in thought. I like this picture better than yesterday’s picture. What do you think?

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