Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Forecast says we're due for possible snow and certainly freezing temperatures. In fact it's already sub zero in some neighborhoods.

Just like wildlife and small children can provide opportunities for interesting photos, so can the weather. These are a few of my favorite "outside the box" snow pictures. Ok, so the drainpipe is ice, not snow, but when I took the picture earlier this week, there was still snow on the ground - just not in the picture. Those of you in Colorado Springs or other frostbitten regions of the country should remember to carry your cameras with you if you venture out. Just remember to wear shoes with good traction (or if you do fall make sure the you cushion the camera's fall with your body.) And don't forget to take off at least one glove before taking the picture. It's often hard to press the button with gloves or mittens.

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