Thursday, October 14, 2010

I'm Back

I've been a way for quite a while. First there was that whole move to Missouri, no move back to Colorado, who cares if you gave up a great job and can't get it back adventure provided by the Army.  Then, there was the thrill of unpacking and finding so many things ruined. And finally, the stress of trying to fit in at a new school and job.  But I haven't stopped taking photos, I just stopped talking about them.  I really enjoy photography, almost as much as I enjoy books, so I'm going to give this blog another shot.

It's fall and for many people that means a change in the scenery.  Leaves start to change colors - lots of beautiful reds, oranges and yellows.   Here are a couple of photos I've been working with lately.

Don't these photos make  you want to grab your sweater and your favorite walking buddy and go for a stroll?

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