Saturday, December 4, 2010

Photo Challenges

When I'm out and about at events, some people still ask "Did you bring your camera?"  Those that know me just laugh. They know I'm more likely to forget to wear my shoes than go out without my camera.  Of course I have missed some great shots because I forgot to put the SD card back in the camera after uploading photos, or I forgot to charge the battery, or as was the case last night, forgot to change the lens. Earlier in the week I had taken photos of a school concert and was using my long lens.  When we go out to social events I usually just slip the camera in my purse. (Yes, I pick my purses based on whether or not they will hold my D90 and a book and my iPad, but I digress.)  When we got to the event I realized that I had the wrong lens for taking photos of a small gathering.  Yet I attempted photos anyway.  And with a little editing, I managed to get a few interesting ones.

What kind of things create challenges for you when taking photos?

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